Thesis Performance, September 22, 24, 26

I’m so excited to see your performances next week! Good luck with your preparations, and feel free to contact me about them.

Here I just wanted to post the final version of the assignment sheet (including the reflection requirements), in addition to posting it under the Assignments tab in T-Square, where you will upload your visual documentation and reflection.

1101 J5G1P2 Thesis Performance Assignment

Here also is the schedule of performances on each date for each section:

Monday, September 22
J5: Surina, Sydney, Kayla, Ariel, Drew
G1: Rebekah, Prerak, PJ, Scott, Franklin, Imani, Jimmy, Charles
P2: Other Blake, Phil, Wade, Daniel, Hatless Blake, Sai, Edu

Wednesday, September 24
J5: Winston, Christian, Ryan, Jack, Ben, Rishav, Jake, Allison
G1: Matt, Alanna, Kelsey, Christopher, Nifemi, Jason, Dave, Teju
P2: Alex, Tom, Prachi, Kevin, Neha, Aditya, Sibyl, Nikki

Friday, September 26
J5: Meagan, Brendan, Austin, Jae, Yongmin, Jighar, Admir, Janet
G1: Ludwika, Draven, Anush, Siyan, Jay, Caleb, Katherine, Jesse
P2: Jamie, Likhit, Priyank, Annabel, Tanvi, Shan, Shyam, Soojin


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