Blog Forum 3: Rap About What You Like, Due Nov. 21/24

For your third and final blog assignment, you will all be creating one post and making one comment. Everyone must post an audio recording this time. Comments may be written or recorded, as you wish. Posts are due Friday, November 21, by midnight. Comments are due Monday, November 24, by midnight.

The Assignment Sheet and Evaluation Rubric for the Blog are attached here and still posted on T-square under the Assignments menu in the left nav:

1101 Blog Assignment
Blog Forum Rubric Fall 2014

Blog Forum 3: Rap About What You Like
This forum is a chance for you to collectively explore further some of the topics we’ve covered since the last forum while practicing speaking conversationally and naturally for the microphone. (You may find helpful the reading by Kristin Linklater about “freeing the natural voice” helpful.) Feel free to draw on any of the texts (readings, films, music, etc., Pascoe to Horowitz) that we’ve discussed in class or to introduce relevant readings from your personal archive.

Audio posts should be roughly two (2) minutes long and be accompanied in the post window by a one- to two-sentence caption that identifies the topic for your listener. You may also want to include links, as necessary, to contextualize any references you make in your recording. For example, if you choose Option A, you will probably want to include the video screen grab your post refers to. Don’t forget to come up with a title that piques the interest of your potential commenters!

Option A
Now that you are masters of analyzing the relationship between sound and image, you may return to the screen shot from the music video that you uploaded to the T-square Drop Box way back when and talk about what argument the image makes with and without the music/sound that accompanies it.

Option B
Now that you’ve had some time to think about your vernacular and the “dialect of your nurture,” take this opportunity to reflect on your accent, verbal mannerisms, regional vocabulary. Is there anything you understand better about your identity for having thought about the characteristics of your speech? Or pick a fight with any point made by Smitherman or Dante or the American Academy of Arts and Letters and Ira Glass (or another reading).

Option C
If you’re up for an adventure and don’t mind spending the money, there is a sound sculpture on exhibit right now at the High Museum of Art (Peachtree at 15th Street: a nice walk from Tech Square actually) titled The Forty Party Motetby a Canadian artist named Janet Cardiff. Visit the exhibit and then reflect on how the sound defines the space (not the other way around) and how you experience the music (not necessarily the sound) as you move through the space. Or make any spectacular observation you want about the exhibit.

For this forum, you need only write (or record!) one comment, of roughly 150 words. You are free to comment directly to the post or to one of the other commenters or both, but, as in the other forums, you should address the person you are responding to, so other readers better understand the context of your response. Again, your comment should respond to your classmates’ observations, descriptions, or reasoning and advance the thread of the conversation. You may respectfully disagree, suggest another line of thinking, or raise a question for discussion by later commenters.