* Project One Reading and Video (5% / 50 points)
Due Monday, August 25.

You will create a 60- to 90-second video response to one of four questions related to your reading of Ted Chiang’s short story “The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Feeling.” WOVEN modes: brainstorming and scripting (W); speaking for the camera (O); imagining and executing a visual concept (V); uploading the file to Tsquare or linking to YouTube or Vimeo (E).

* Project 1: Thesis Pantomime (15% / 150 points)
Sign up for time slots (six per class) on September 17, 19, 22, and 24.

You will translate the argument of an assignment from another class into a series of five expressive and persuasive gestures and then shape those gestures into a three- to four-minute pantomime performance for the class. To stage the project, you will submit the thesis of the argument in the form of a single sentence; a PowerPoint slide show of your five gestures/poses with captions describing the gesture; and the final performance before the class. In addition, you will be responsible for translating your classmates’ pantomimes into a sentence-length thesis statement in class after each performance. WOVEN modes: practicing the art of the clear, concise thesis statement and making captions for your slide show (W); photographing your gestures and assembling them into a slide show (V); creating the PowerPoint slide show (E); using your body rather than your voice to communicate with your classmates (N).

* Project 2: Textual Analysis of a Silenced Music Video (15% / 150 points)
Due Monday, October 24.

You will propose, draft, and polish a five-page essay that analyzes the visual elements of a music video (your choice) without the sound and argues for its success or failure as a translation of the sound. WOVEN modes: abstract, draft, revise, and polish an aesthetic argument of substantial length (W); sharpen your awareness of the visual elements of a moving picture (V, E).

* Project 3: Personal Vernaculars Group Podcast (20% / 200 points)
Due Monday, November 24.

In groups of 3, you will create a short podcast that characterizes the “personal vernacular” of each member of the group and then makes a case for the significance of that vernacular in a formal, professional situation. You will delegate responsibilities, outline, script, rehearse, and record the podcast with dialogue and sound effects. WOVEN modes: corresponding with group members and scripting the podcast (W); speaking clearly and compellingly for the audio recording (O); coming up with a single compelling image that brands your podcast and its argument (V); learning the sound recording software (E).

Final Portfolio (20% / 200 points)
Due during your scheduled final exam.

  • Section J5: Fri., 12/12, 11:30am–2:20pm
  • Section G1: Wed., 12/10, 11:30am–2:20pm
  • Section P2: Fri., 12/12, 2:50–5:40pm

At the end of the semester, you will assemble three to four artifacts from among all the work you did over the course of the semester into a portfolio that demonstrates where you’ve been and where you want to go as a communicator in the world. The portfolio will be introduced by 1200- to 1600-word essay that reflects on your strengths and weaknesses, successes and mistakes. Each artifact will also receive a short introduction. All of the WOVEN modes should be represented in your portfolio.

Audio Blog Posts and Comments (15% / 150 points)
Blog posts due September 5, September 29, October 27, November 12
Blog comments due September 8, October 1, October 29, November 14

Throughout the semester, you will participate in four blog discussions. You will compose two short but substantial blog posts (one written, one aural) in response to prompts related to readings and activities we do in class. In the other discussions, you will be responsible for commenting on three of your classmates’ posts. I will give you feedback on your blogging performance after Blog Discussion 2. WOVEN modes: writing a brief but substantive argument (W); speaking clearly and compellingly in your audio post (O); engaging and abiding by the protocols of social media forums (E).

Participation (10% / 100 points)
Due every class period.

Don’t you dare fall asleep on us. Your success and the success of this class depends on your active participation in the community we develop. You need to listen generously and respectfully to others’ ideas, and you need to share your own, generously and respectfully.